Violinist Tessa Lark Joins Young Musicians for Bach, Dvorák, & more / Show 397

Tuesday, March 2, 2021  |  Yamaha Artist Services New York  |  Presented by From the Top with special thanks to Yamaha Artist Services New York

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This Episode Features:

  • A teenage pianist’s stunning performance of Chopin
  • A 15-year-old bassoonist who comes from a musical family
  • A delightful Bach Concerto featuring a teenage oboist from New York
  • A 15-year-old’s Bartók coaching from violinist, Tessa Lark
  • A young classical guitarist with an inspiring musical journey
  • A moving performance of Dvorák from Peter Dugan & Tessa Lark

Featured Video

16-year-old oboist Spencer Rubin joins Tessa Lark (violin) and Peter Dugan (piano) for a delightful performance of Bach’s Concerto for Oboe & Violin.


GRAMMY-nominated violinist and From the Top Co-Host / Creative Tessa Lark joins Peter Dugan and a cohort of extraordinary teenage musicians in this episode. A 15-year-old violinist gets a coaching from Tessa and we hear performances of Bach, Chopin, Dvorák and more.


  • Host: Peter Dugan
    Peter Dugan’s position is sponsored by Susan and Gerald Slavet.
  • Co-Host: Tessa Lark
    Violinist Tessa Lark is one of the most captivating artistic voices of our time.

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