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From the Top is proud to announce a new collaboration with Opus Illuminate!

Under the Artistic Direction of founding members Nathan Meltzer and Devin Moore and a Community Engagement effort led by Kayla Cabrera, Opus Illuminate is a performance organization “dedicated to expanding and enriching the classical music industry by programming and performing works by composers of historically underrepresented communities and heritages.” Their desire is to work towards “reestablishing our art form as the pioneering force in the efforts of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging across the cultural sector”. You can watch Opus Illuminate’s new docu-series, “The Space We Hold”, here.

We not only want to celebrate and share the work that they are doing, but also use it as a catalyst to expand the repertoire that we feature. From the Top has now built a library of works written by underrepresented composers that can provide new repertoire options for young musicians. For some of the pieces in this library, Opus Illuminate performers have made associated workshop videos, explaining the background of the piece, why they love it, practice tips, and sometimes tutorials on extended techniques needed for that particular piece.

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