Learning and Media Lab Curriculum

What happens during the 4-week online curriculum?

Over the course of four weeks, Fellows join seven remote “zoom” sessions on the following topics:


SESSION I: Welcome!
Fellows are introduced to their cohort and meet members of From the Top’s production team as well as one or more co-hosts of From the Top. (90 minutes)

SESSION II: Introduction to Community Engagement
Fellows explore the concepts of community engagement through music and learn about their community partner. (90 minutes)

1-hour homework assignment

Week 1 = 4 hours


SESSION III: Setting the Stage
Fellows prepare for their community partner activities – these opportunities range from mentorship to creating a virtual music program. (90 minutes)

SESSION IV: Community Partner Workshop(s)
Fellows engage in their specific community partner activity. (90 minutes)

Week 2 = 3 hours

Week 3

SESSION V: iZotope Recording and Audio Technology Workshop
This session explores the recording process, as well as offers insights into the audio recording and technology industry. (90 minutes)

Week 3 = 1.5 hours

Week 4

SESSION VI: The Artist Life
Fellows meet an established professional in the field of music. (90 minutes)

SESSION VII: De-Brief & Reflection
This final session is an opportunity to reflect on the previous sessions and explore how to apply this learning into the future. (90 minutes)

Week 4 = 3 hours

Please note, this schedule is subject to changes, depending on each cohort, etc.

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