From the Top: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

From the Top joins NPR’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert Series, featuring:

  • Ifetayo Ali-Landing, 18-year-old cellist from Chicago, IL, performing “Evergreen” by Yebba, Jin-Jin and George Stuart Moore; Charles Yang, arranger.
  • Davisson Guitar Duo featuring sibling guitarists Jack Davisson, 16 and Elle Davisson, 13 from Palo Alto, CA performing “Jongo (for Two Guitars) by Paulo Bellinati, Guitar Solo Publications.
  • Jerry Chang, 13-year-old pianist from St. Louis, MO, performing Impromptu Op 90 No 3 by Franz Schubert

Special thanks to NPR Music and Tom Huizenga, and to the families of our performers.



  • Tim Banker, Director of Content and Production
  • Megan Swan, Music Director
  • Matt Dykeman, Producer
  • David Norville, Assistant Producer
  • John Escobar, Sound Engineering and Audio Post Production
  • Mike Grittani, Videography (Chicago) and Editing
  • Omid Zoufonoun, Videography (Palo Alto) with assistance from Dexx Broughton
  • Shaun Hautly, Videography (St. Louis)


  • Producer: Tom Huizenga
  • Video Producer: Maia Stern
  • Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
  • Associate Producer: Bobby Carter
  • Tiny Production Team: Bob Boilen, Kara Frame, Gabrielle Pierre
  • Executive Producer: Keith Jenkins
  • Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

“Evergreen” used with permission from Pulse Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group  and Warner Chappell Music LTD.