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Wednesday, November 9, 2022  |  

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18-year-old percussionist Aleo Esparza shows Peter Dugan how he holds his mallets when he performs.


We meet a teenage pianist with an affinity for horror movie scores, a percussionist who adapts Debussy for marimba, a talented violinist who likes to read books upside down, and an outstanding trio from Utah play Café Music. They all answer the question — why classical music?

Today’s program is sponsored by the Estate of Earl Kallberg. As a piano technician and long-time listener of From the Top, Mr. Kallberg wanted to ensure young musicians would have a national platform for their music and storytelling to be heard for years to come.

Learn more about Legacy Giving at From the Top.


  • Host : Peter Dugan
    Peter Dugan's position is sponsored by Susan and Gerald Slavet

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