Angelica Hairston, harp

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Meet Angelica

Angelica Hairston appeared on Show 228, recorded in February 2011, at age 18. She returned to From the Top in 2021 to appear on Where Are They Now? Highlight Show 32.

Angelica Hairston is a highly regarded harpist, educator, and advocate. Throughout her career, she has made it a priority to create social impact through the power of the arts. Actively using music as a tool for equity, Angelica serves as Executive Director of Challenge the Stats, Artistic Director of the Urban Youth Harp Ensemble, and as a consultant for organizations across the nation. Angelica received an Arts Leadership Grant from From the Top in 2017 which led to the founding of her current non-profit, Challenge the Stats. Learn more about Angelica at

Program bio from Show 228:

Angelica Hairston (harp), 18, comes from Atlanta, Georgia where she attends the Chamblee Charter High School. Angelica is a recipient of From the Top’s Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award. She studies harp with Elisabeth Remy Johnson and has also played the violin since age 4. As a harpist Angelica is a member of the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra and the Greenforest Community Baptist Church Orchestra and Choir, and she also plays the violin in the Chamblee Quartet and Phoenix Quartet. In her free time Angelica likes to volunteer, work with children, and share her music with others.

Listen to Angelica

Highlight Show 32
Musical Branches by Maurice Draughn

Show 228, Athens, GA
Caprice by Gabriel Pierné

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