Angelica Hairston Performs for Visually Impaired Children in Atlanta, GA

18-year-old harpist and Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Angelica Hairston wanted to share her music with visually impaired children from her community. She had become acquainted with the Georgia Organization of Parents of Blind Children (GOPBC) as a member of the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra, and wanted an opportunity to meet and work with these kids. She decided to organize an interactive presentation at the Woodruff Arts Center in downtown Atlanta, GA for the GOPBC. She performed several short pieces for the event, and even allowed the kids to try out the harp for themselves! The children, ranging from ages 6 through 12, were accompanied by their parents for the presentation. She shares more about her goals for the event:

“I (hoped) to play my harp at an event for blind and visually impaired children so that they can hear, feel and appreciate the music of my instrument. I (wanted) them to know you don’t have to be able to see to make and appreciate beautiful music.”

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Angelica on Show 228 in Athens, GA