Media Programs

From the Top’s media programs are created to celebrate classically-trained young musicians and introduce their stories and talents to audiences of all ages.

  • NPR's From the Top

    What began as a radio experiment in 2000 quickly became the most popular weekly one-hour classical music program on public radio. Pianist Peter Dugan has hosted the program since 2020, which features performances and interviews with precollegiate classically trained musicians.

  • Daily Joy

    In 2020, From the Top launched Daily Joy with the belief that music, especially in the hands of young people, has the power to bring people together during difficult times.

    The daily video series features joyful performances of FTT’s musicians and alumni and has had more than 1 million views to date.

  • Social Media

    From the Top collaborates with young musicians to create content for social media. This includes “A Day the Life” Instagram takeovers, as well as other video content.