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From the Top is grateful to the volunteers who serve on our Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.

Board of Directors

  • Elizabeth Sikorovsky
  • Jeffrey Rayport
    Immediate Past Chair
  • John L. Pattillo
    Vice Chair & Treasurer
  • Monica Davisson
  • Corinne Ferguson
  • Elaine Lindley LeBuhn
  • Soo Youn Lee
  • Kevin Olusola
  • Louise Lee Padmanabhan
  • Peter Ross
  • Benjamin Rothschild
  • Peter Segal
  • Inmaculada Silos-Santiago
  • Michael Thurber
  • In Memoriam: Francis O. Hunnewell
    Founding Chair

Director Emeriti

  • Jennifer Hurley-Wales
  • Gerald Slavet

Board of Advisors

  • Elaine Lindley LeBuhn
  • Susan Beckerman
  • Phil Griffin
  • Laura Kelsey
  • Jordan Kretchmer
  • Nancy Lubin
  • Anne Midgette
  • Linda Dyer Millard
  • Anthony K. Tjan
  • Gabrielle Wolohojian