Where Music Lives with Kevin Olusola | Ep 4: Bassoonist Taylor Akin

Episode 4: Bassoonist Taylor Akin

In our final episode, Kevin Olusola meets 18-year-old bassoonist Taylor Akin, who is a bassoonist with a passion for fast cars, animals, and (of course!) music. Taylor brings Kevin on a joyride in one of his family’s hot rods before heading to his high school to make some music! After playing some amazing bassoon, Taylor and Kevin jam out with his high school’s jazz band!

Where Music Lives with Kevin Olusola

Join Kevin Olusola – beatboxer, cellist, and member of the Grammy-award winning a capella group Pentatonix – on a road trip around the country to discover #WhereMusicLives.

From the bustling streets of LA to the wide-open plains of Oklahoma, we find music living in the hearts and hometowns of four amazing young artists who are as diverse and thoughtful as they are talented.