Daytona Beach, FL / 172

Monday, January 7, 2008  |  Peabody Auditorium  |  Presented by Daytona Beach Symphony Society


This week, from Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach, Florida, our line-up of outstanding musicians includes a young pianist from Iowa performing one of Liszt’s Transcendental Etudes, a local 13-year-old flutist performing the music of Telemann, and an 18-year-old soprano from Washington D.C. singing Donizetti. Also, a violinist’s pet Chihuahua sings along with a Paganini Caprice!

Performers and repertoire:

Jake Chabot, a 13-year-old flutist from Orlando, FL, plays selections from Telemann’s Suite in A minor

Brian Logan, a 17-year-old euphonium player from Tallahassee, FL, performs the first movement of Sparke’s Harlequin

Andrea Carroll, an 18-year-old soprano from Washington, D.C., performs Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Poor Wand’ring One”

John Wen, a 14-year-old pianist from Iowa City, IA, plays Liszt’s Transcendental Etude No. 10 in F minor

Mia Laity, a 15-year-old violinist from Phoenix, AR, performs Scherzo-Tarantelle, Op. 16 by Henryk Wieniawski

Performers & Repertoire

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