Celebrating Musicians with Disabilities / Show 428

Monday, March 27, 2023  |  

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Meet Julia LaGrand, Co-Host and Content Advisor

Learn more about From the Top’s Musicians with Disabilities Special Initiative here. 

Read about this special episode in The Boston Globe.


18-year-old violinist and From the Top alum Julia LaGrand co-hosts this special episode dedicated to celebrating the stories and performances of disabled and neurodivergent musicians. Julia, who is blind, also interviews special guest Itzhak Perlman. We meet a 16-year-old double bassist who began studying music when spina bifida made it difficult to keep up with youth sports leagues, a 14-year-old pianist who uses Braille scores to learn his repertoire, a 26-year-old cellist who believes his musical skills are sharpened by his autism, and a 16-year-old pianist with Escobar Syndrome who shares her journey to millions on social media. They perform works by Grieg, Liszt, and more.


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