Share a Musical Postcard #WhereMusicLives

From the Top Invites Musicians from Rural/Small Town Backgrounds to Share a Musical Postcard!

To build community among young artists from rural and small town backgrounds, From the Top invites musicians of all genres to share a musical postcard from their favorite hometown spot to their social media profile. Videos tagged @fromthetopfans and #WhereMusicLives will be re-shared by @fromthetopfans to raise the visibility of music-making happening in all corners of the country.

How to Participate:

  • Open to all musicians living in a rural or small town of any genre and skill level!
  • Find a background scenery emblematic of your small town/rural setting, optimally outdoors.
    *If your instrument must be indoors, show us an indoor setting representative of your hometown community.
  • Set your phone up on a tripod or have another person record you at least ten feet away so we can see all of you and your chosen scenery in the frame. This is for social media, so please film vertically.
  • In one or two sentences, introduce yourself, where you are from, and “this is where music lives!”
    “Hi! I’m __, I’m from __, and this is where music lives”
  • Follow this with a 30s musical excerpt of your choosing.
  • Post your video on your own Instagram account and tag @fromthetopfans. Include #WhereMusicLives in your post/reel description.

Follow @fromthetopfans to see your musical postcard shared in the months of April and May 2024!

SPREAD THE WORD! Help us get the news out far and wide. Download a flyer to pass along to your school or local music organization here. 

Here are a few examples!



This social media campaign is tied to From the Top’s Where Music Lives spring broadcast festival launching April 22, 2024.

Where Music Lives is generously supported by the Volgenau Foundation and the Onion Foundation.

Please note that this invitation is separate from From the Top’s application process and has no bearing on applicants status to participate in From the Top’s fellowship program and appear on our broadcast.

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