Volunteer Opportunity for FTT Alums!

From the Top would like to share a volunteer opportunity that one of our community partners, Bravo Waukegan, is putting forward for From the Top alumni who are age 20+. If you have an interest in virtually teaching/mentoring a high school music student one-on-one over a 10 – 15 week period, contact us to learn more!

courtesy of Bravo Waukegan

Bravo provides instruments, funding, music teachers, and advocacy within the Waukegan, Illinois public schools so that children and teens have access to high quality music learning and creative expression through a community of caring, compassionate teachers and mentors.

During COVID, Bravo has successfully organized hundreds of private lessons via Zoom, with the dual goal of keeping students motivated and learning on their instruments and providing a regular connection to young people who are isolated and hungry for positive, passionate role models.

Want to make a difference in a teen musician’s life?
Download Flyer | Email: info@fromthetop.org


Bravo Waukegan was founded to support music in the Waukegan Public Schools.  Through its in-school, after-school and summer programs, Bravo each year enhances and expands music opportunities for more than 8,000 elementary, middle school and high school students.  We chose music as our platform primarily because well-documented research, including that from Chicago’s Northwestern University, has shown that studying instrumental and vocal music at an early age has a positive impact on overall academic performance.

Bravo’s Programs and Achievements

We created ten at-school, after-school, and summer programs designed not only to foster personal goals and achievements, but also to give students a look at possibilities for the future.

Other priorities have included supporting various continuing education opportunities for teachers, facilitating student enrollment in advanced area instrumental programs, and acting as a resource for teachers in cases of student needs.

New Initiatives

In response to COVID-19 on school music programs, Bravo has launched two new initiatives: an exciting on-line Music Camp and an inspiring, virtual Music Library.  Both offer positive activities during the time when classroom learning remains remote.

Last June the Bravo Buddies summer music camp, moved from a Waukegan school campus to a virtual platform. Despite a short learning curve, the camp had the largest ever enrollment, near perfect attendance by the campers, and flawless execution by the staff.

To mark our recent 10th anniversary in September, a free online Music Library was unveiled. Accessible from Bravo’s website (www.bravowaukegan.org), the Library offers access to more than 100 music-related videos and materials — covering topics from Mariachi to Jazz, from Music Composers to Teacher Resources.  Content has been categorized to make it  “user friendly”. The Library is an on-going project and suggestions for new, relevant materials are welcome.

Following these successes and in response to parental requests, plans are moving ahead for a third COVID-19-related initiative.  We are hoping to offer high school students virtual private lessons in band, orchestra and voice. Considerations for both the summer Bravo Buddies camp and the proposed new initiative for private lessons during the upcoming months include: music faculty, enrollment targets, technical support, instrument and computer availability, internet access, and funding.

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