Daily Joy: 50 violinists perform “Salut d’Amour”

Today’s Daily Joy is an example of how our young musicians inspire us long after they appear on From the Top.

After gathering 50 violinists from every state in America, alum Aviva Chertok organized this moving performance of Elgar’s “Salut d’Amour” to thank healthcare workers.

A message from Aviva:

“I was inspired to create this video for a family member and doctor in New York City. I reached out to friends, acquaintances, and orchestras around the country, and brought together 50 violinists from every state in America to give musical tribute to our family, friends, and countrymen and women on the medical frontlines. This project was a work of love for everyone involved. A special thank you to violinist-turned professional filmmaker Alexei Mejouev for the countless hours he volunteered to edit 50 violinists’ videos!”