V-POW! Music Producer Video Pick of the Week

This week’s V-POW post from Music Producer Tom Vignieri will be slightly different. You’re likely to be blown away, but not for the reasons you’d expect.

From the Top alumnus Michael Thurber is one of the most enterprising guys we know. Whether he’s emerging from a practice room with his double bass at Juilliard, recording with his rock band Remington, improvising video performances by request on Facebook, or touring as an ace freelance bass guitarist with groups like Irish folk-rockers The Guggenheim Grotto, Michael always has something musical and amazing going on. (To say nothing of his multiple appearances on From the Top, performing with fellow alumnus and Remington band mate Ross Mintzer or backing up Bluegrass superstar Bela Fleck!)

In this week’s video we catch up with “Michael T” as he makes music for a cause, Wingspan Arts, which brings the performing arts to young people throughout the New York Metro Region. In this “making of” video we see Michael in the studio recording his own arrangement of the Beatles seminal hit “Blackbird” and explaining how you can make a difference by purchasing the download. Check it out!