Unique Opportunity To Help Zimbabwe Student Music Group

From the Top alum William Harvey‘s musical organization, Cultures in Harmony, is hosting a student music group from Zimbabwe August 4-25, 2010 in New York City and Washington D.C.

Onias Horiwa and William Harvey, July 2006. Photo courtesy of Cultures in Harmony

Cultures in Harmony has worked with this group, comprised of leader Onias Horiwa, eight students, and one teacher  from Eaglesvale High School, in Zimbabwe in the past through two music projects: Sound of Water, Sound of Hope and Give Children Musical Instruments. Now William and his crew welcome these old friends to America.

Their trip will be filled with activities including “creative workshops at Culturarte, a picnic in New York’s Central Park with Cultures in Harmony volunteers, a performance featuring Onias Horiwa on mbira and Cultures in Harmony musicians in New York City, and workshops and other activities led by Dawn Smith and Ryan Murphy, Cultures in Harmony project participants who have been to Zimbabwe and now reside in Washington, DC.”

William writes, “From Zimbabwe to Papua New Guinea to Pakistan to Moldova, people with few resources other than their hospitality have generously welcomed American musicians into their homes during Cultures in Harmony projects over the past five years. Now is the US’s chance to return the favor!”

Where do YOU come in? William is looking for volunteers with a couch or extra bed who are willing to host a member of the group for all or some of their stay in New York or Washington.  Interested? Join Cultures in Harmony on Facebook and send a message to Deputy Director Sarah Frisof!

More information here.