The Other Side of the Curtain – Introducing Anne Gregory, FTT Summer Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Anne Gregory, and I am new this summer at From the Top. As the intern with the From the Top Marketing and Communications department, I will be posting a number of blog entries on this site that will range from interviews with performers/alums to a column we’ve titled “Links we Like.”

I am originally from Atlanta, GA in a small town called Dunwoody. Yet the past 4 years have made Boston my new home, and I’ve truly fallen in love with this city. From the prolific cultural scene (Boston Symphony, American Repertory Theater, Museum of Fine Arts, etc) to its richness of history, Boston rarely has dull moments. Yet the Georgian in me has yet to become acclimated to those notorious New England winters.

I recently graduated from New England Conservatory with a Bachelor’s in Flute Performance. Aside from being a performer, I was also the editor of our school’s newspaper, The Penguin, and served as a student representative on multiple panels and committees. My time at NEC taught me a lot about life and success, and it is an experience I will never forget.

This summer, I have decided to explore another side of the music industry. That doesn’t mean that my flute will forever be set aside, far from that! But I’ve chosen to see what it will be like working on the other side of the curtain in classical music. Without the ambition and dedication of non-profits such as From the Top, performers would have little to no grounding in a society that has become somewhat disconnected from our art. The power of classical music in undeniable, and I believe its future lies in our hands. I hope to be a part of that effort, whether it be as a performer or as an organizer.

Random facts: I LOVE to bake (check out my baking blog!) and cook, enjoy running and biking, watch more movies than is advisable thanks to Netflix Instant, and have a strong penchant for laughing until hurts. I’m really excited about this summer, and am looking forward to all the contributions I will be able to have on this blog. I hope all of you are enjoying your summer so far, and keep an eye out for my first entry!

Best, Anne