Television Alum Patricio Molina Completes His First Opera

Chilean-born pianist and composer Patricio (From the Top at Carnegie Hall, Season 2, Episode 5) has just completed his first opera! Titled “La Sargento de La Concepción,” this work is comprised of three acts and was inspired by true events in Chile’s national history. Congratulations, Patricio!

This past weekend Patricio wrote:

Today on July 9th in my country of Chile, we celebrate Flag Day, which commemorates the heroic act that occurred 129 years ago in 1882, where 77 Chilean soldiers courageously fought against an ambush by 2,000 men and never surrendered for the honor of their country and flag.

Today, I have officially finished and sent for patenting to the Capitol of the United States, the scores that fulfill my vast dream. They capture an exemplary story of love between a woman, who voluntarily enlisted in the war as a nurse to follow her beloved Cape, Carlos Morales, who had a son in the midst of battle as product of their immense love.

This is a true story composed of real characters, which I admire and has inspired me to write this romantic opera derived from Chilean roots, entitled “La Sargento de La Concepción.”

Check out the overture below:


There will be a highlights preview of “La Sargento de La Concepción” on September 22, 2011 in Hackensack, New Jersey (greater NYC area). You can find more information the event on Patricio’s website.