Submitting as a Finalist

Dear From the Top Finalists,

Below you will find information about Daily Joy, From the Top’s video series dedicated to celebrating music’s power to lift our spirits and make us smile.

We hope you will consider submitting a video and ask that you read through the instructions, submission guidelines, and FAQs. Should you still have questions, please contact Libby Miserendino, Video Editor at

  • About Daily Joy

    We launched Daily Joy in March of 2020 as a reminder of music’s power to lift our spirits and make us smile. The series features daily videos of talented young musicians that are shared via email, social media, and our Daily Joy website. Since its inception, the series has over 2 million views.

  • What to Submit

    To be featured on Daily Joy, you should submit two videos:

    • Introduction Video:
      • Say your name, instrument, age, and where you live/study music
      • Share the title and composer/arranger
      • Share something about the work (i.e. why you enjoy performing it, historical information, what an audience might find inspiring/joyful/meaningful, etc.)
    • Performance Video:
      • Videos can be as short as around 90 seconds (i.e. a section of a work) OR longer, i.e. a full movement of a work. You are welcome to submit a new video recording OR a pre-existing recording.

    PLEASE READ: Our Admissions team is always doing everything they can to find the right show for you to appear on our radio program. Please note that this Daily Joy invitation is separate from that process and has no bearing on your status to appear on our radio program.

  • Recording Notes

    Most of our young musicians use very basic recording equipment for their Daily Joy submission (i.e. smartphone / iPhone mic and camera)

    • It is NOT necessary to make a professional recording for this project
    • It is NOT necessary to edit your recording, we will edit together your intro and performance before sharing it.

    Please submit your introduction video and performance video as separate files with no text or video editing effects.

  • Examples

    Example of a video recorded specifically for Daily Joy:

    Example of a performer who submitted an intro and a pre-existing recording:

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What does this mean for my status as a finalist with From the Top? Will I still be considered?

    You are a finalist, and we are actively looking for a radio program to book you on. Your Daily Joy submission has no bearing on your status to appear on our radio program.

    Is the music I submit for Daily Joy the same repertoire that I’m going to play on the radio?

    Not necessarily. The selection of repertoire for the show is a separate process.

    I sent an update to my application a while back and haven’t heard anything. When will I hear more?

    As a finalist, if you have new repertoire to submit, please contact

  • How To Submit

     Fill out the form and submit your files at the link below.