Chopin, Barber & Bach on Mandolin / Show 429

Saturday, March 25, 2023  |  

15-year old pianist Nathaniel Zhang performs the second movement of Chopin’s Nocturnes Op. 27, No. 2.


We meet young musicians from all over the country, from South Carolina to California. A 17-year-old cellist fulfills a childhood dream to be on From the Top and kicks off the program with a gorgeous Beethoven piece. We also hear a beautiful Chopin Nocturne, a Barber Sonata played by a teen flutist, and a young mandolin player shows off her gorgeous new instrument (funded by her Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award) with a performance of Bach.


  • Host : Peter Dugan
    Peter Dugan's position is sponsored by Susan and Gerald Slavet.

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