Boston, MA / 32

Monday, November 20, 2000  |  Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory  |  Presented by From the Top


From the Top brings its youthful brand of holiday cheer this week with a show that features especially inspirational music. We’ll hear a youth chorus from the Boston area and meet a dynamic teenage horn quintet. Plus, you’ll meet the “tubist who taps” and be treated to a parody of a holiday classic.

Performers and Repertoire:

NEC Honors Brass Quintet (tubist Jonathan McCormack, 17; trombonist Megan Smith-Heafy, 16; French horn player Abby Aresty, 18; trumpeter Darren Ruch, 17; and trumpeter Zach Botham, 15) from the Greater Boston area performs Canzon Bergamasque by Samuel Scheidt

Youth Pro Musica chorus, ages 12–17, from the Greater Boston area; cellist Deanna Talens, 15, from Appleton, WI; oboist Kristina Goettler, 17, from La Mesa, CA; and violinist Alex Weill, 12, from Woodbridge, CT, perform “Midwinter” by Bob Chilcott, arranged by Lee Blaske

Host Christopher O’Riley performs “It’s Christmas Time” by Vince Guaraldi

Oboist Kristina Goettler, 17, from La Mesa, CA performs “Sich uben im Lieben” from Wedding Cantata, BMV 202 by Johann Sebastian Bach

NEC Honors Brass Quintet performs the traditional “Mi Y’maleil” arranged by Steve Barnett

Youth Pro Musica chorus, cellist Deanna Talens, and oboist Kristina Goettler perform “Angel Invitation” by Daniel Roihl

Alex Weill performs Sonatensatz by Johannes Brahms

All of the performers perform “A New Year’s Carol” by Benjamin Britten, arranged by Lee Blaske

Release Dates

  • Monday, December 10, 2001
  • Monday, December 18, 2000

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