Boston, MA / 25

Thursday, June 15, 2000  |  Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory  |  Presented by From the Top


This week, from New England Conservatory in Boston, From the Top features a 13-year-old composer who plays with such zest and joy it’s infectious, a very young trio performing Beethoven, and renowned baritone Jubilant Sykes, who performs a special arrangement of Copland’s “I Bought Me a Cat” with several of this week’s young musicians.

Performers and Repertoire:

Flutist Alexis Fitts, 15, from Philadelphia, PA, performs Afternoon of a Faun by Claude Debussy

The 15th Street Trio (violinist Stephanie Jewell, 9, from Plainfield, IL; cellist Harris Paseltiner, 13, from Glenco, IL; and pianist Kevin Kordi, 12, from Northbrook, IL) performs Piano Trio, Op. 1 No. 3, 4th mvt. by Ludwig van Beethoven

Baritone James Baxter, 17, from Great Falls, MT, performs Zueignung by Richard Strauss

Pianist Christopher O’Riley performs Superstar Etude No. 1 by Aaron Jay Kernis

Marimba player Lin Ong, 16, from Ames, IA performs Concertino by Toshiro Mayuzumi

Baritone Jubilant Sykes performs the spiritual “City Called Heaven” and Ich Grolle Nicht by Robert Schumann

Baritone Jubilant Sykes, pianist Christopher O’Riley, cellist Harris Paseltiner, violinist Stephanie Jewell, and marimba player Lin Ong perform “I Bought Me a Cat” from Old American Songs by Aaron Copland

Composer and pianist Sebastian Chang, 12, from Trebuco Canyon, CA, and violinist Stephan Jackiw, 15, from Boston, MA, perform Moonlight Masquerade for Violin and Piano by Sebastian Chang.

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