Show 268: Listening Guide

DSC_0053From the Top’s broadcast for Show 268 featuring was taped with UApresents at Centennial Hall in Tucson, AZ on Sunday February 17, 2013. We asked our performers to tell us more about their experience on the show…

DSC_4203Elli Choi, 11, violin
I. Allegro vivo from Sonata in G minor for Violin and Piano 
By: Claude Debussy

I think this piece is beautiful and hard in a way that is not technical but rather musically challenging – this is why I love the piece. Something I don’t like so much about the piece is that I can’t show off as much technique. When I play this piece, I think about French art, like Monet’s paintings.

Something I think that is unique about this piece is that it’s really based on how colorful you can make it, not so mechanical but really to make it dream. Also, I think its’ cool how Debussy broke some rules about not having parallel 5ths – he had a lot in his music.

Post-Show Reflection: One of my favorite moments was when were all talking about time-traveling, invisibility, and other sci-fi things backstage. The show itself was so nice – it was just natural, very relaxing and exciting.

Music can change people’s lives – it can move, inspire, unify, bring hope and bring peace.

_JESTH~SElmer Churampi, 16, trumpet
“Rhapsody in Blue”  
By: George Gershwin (arr. Timofei Dokschizer)

I chose rhapsody in blue because it is a popular piece for the piano, but not typical for the trumpet. I wanted to show the audience that I can play a piece that was not originally composed for trumpet, and that it sounds better on the instrument as well.

Post-Show Reflection: The concert was awesome – the people liked my playing, and I was very happy. The interview was fun too, and the hall’s acoustic was awesome for my trumpet.

Music has the power to fix problems, and make people happy.

DSC_4193Cameron Quentin-Williams, 14, piano
Suggestion Diabolique, Op.4, No.4
By: Sergei Prokofiev

Post-Show Reflection: My favorite moments were walking in on Gus’s pre-show routine (getting in the zone) and having the chance to do a “nerd” interview with Christopher O’Riley.  It was really exciting to be on a radio show!

Music can communicate better than any other medium.  

_G2XL8~AAugustus Woodrow-Tomizuka, 18, guitar
Grande Ouverture, Op.61
By: Mauro Giuliani

To me, this piece is one of the most epic guitar compositions ever written. From the first booming chord, it tells a vivid story of love and conflict, creating a myriad of atmospheres and colorful characters. I swear I get goosebumps every time I perform the Ouverture, especially in the breathtaking finale.

It’s very rare to find a solo guitar piece that so brilliantly evokes the power and range of expression of a full orchestra. In my playing, I always try to bring out the voices of symphonic instruments so as to fully convey the work’s operatic nature. It’s incredibly challenging, but ridiculously fun.

Post-Show Reflection: A favorite memory for me was sharing a dressing room with Elmer. His green-room routine was totally different from mine. As I was going through my usual warm up exercises, he watched hilarious Youtube videos and skyped with friends. We ended up laughing like maniacs, and I don’t think I’ve ever been as relaxed going on stage in my life!

Music has the ability to bring people together, and enlighten our society.

_JEVYY~WDaniel Kaler, 15, cello
“Chant du Ménestrel” (Minstrel’s Song), Op. 71
By: Alexander Glazunov

This piece speaks to me on a very deep emotional level. I love performing Romantic repertoire, for I can express emotions through my cello that would be impossible to put into words. This piece evokes a very special silence from my audience, which tells me that I am understood.

While this isn’t a showpiece designed to show off one’s technique, it leaves one’s ability to communicate through music completely exposed. I was looking for a color palette while working on this piece that no other has demonstrated to me before. I feel a special connection with its origin, Russia, since my family came from there.

Post-Show Reflection: It was great being able to share my love and gift for music with a supportive audience and group of friends. I loved getting to know each of them in greater depth after the show. I was very nervous at first, but could tell the audience loved it despite my nervousness. I enjoyed playing with Christopher O’Riley to communicate through the universal language of music.

Music has the power to unify, bring peace, and hope to the less fortunate.