Presenting…the CDAL Class of 2015-2016!

This post has been updated to reflect corrections and additions since it was published on Friday 9/18/15.

The CDAL Class of 2015-16

On Sunday, September 20, we welcomed a record-breaking class to the 2015–2016 class of the Center for Development of Arts Leaders (CDAL), our Boston-based leadership and music outreach program! The five-year-old CDAL program is the first center of its kind focused on developing Greater Boston’s classically-trained musicians as arts leaders. This year, more than 50 young arts leaders have joined the program.

“My dream is to become part of something bigger than myself, to contribute to the mission of art. Through music, we celebrate the best of what it is to be human.” 2015-2016 Arts Leader Julia Cohen, 18, mezzo-soprano

Over the season, CDAL arts leaders will engage as teaching artists with partners at the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Dorchester, and Chittick Elementary School in Mattapan. Others will design and construct a concert series at the Boston Children’s Museum, The Women’s Lunch Place in Boston, Goddard House Assisted Living in Brookline Village, and with a new partner for the 2015–2016 year, Center Communities of Brookline.  Additional independent projects are also available.

The 2015–2016 class is the largest in the program’s history, due mostly to the positive reviews of previous CDAL participants, who help recruit new members.

“CDAL empowers these young musicians to envision a future in the arts that goes beyond conventional performance venues. The variety of opportunities help them develop skills to engage future audiences, advocate for the arts, and explore the ways music can be used as a tool for leadership and community building. They also find community in their peers, sharing their hopes and dreams with those with similar passions and aspirations.” Linda Gerstle, From the Top’s Director of Education & Community Partnerships

The members of the 2015–2016 CDAL class include:

Steven Ahn, violin, age 16, Newton, MA
Yoo Jin Ahn, violin, age 17, Brookline, MA
Michael Arumainayagam, cello, age 14, Wellesley, MA
Corinne Auger, violin, age 17, Lexington, MA
Andrew Byun, cello, age 17, Boston, MA
Tamara Cambronero, cello, age 15, Braintree, MA
Julia Carabatsos, violin, age 17, North Easton, MA
Simone Cartales, viola, age 17, Malden, MA
Emily Chen, violin, age 16, Needham, MA
Audrey Chen, cello, age 18, Harvard University
Jessica Chen, viola, age 15, Belmont, MA
Melissa Cheng, flute, age 19, Boston University
Julia Cohen, mezzo-soprano, age 18, New England Conservatory
Lucy Culleton, violin, age 18, Milton, MA
Elizabeth Davidson-Blythe, violin, age 18, Beverly, MA
Emilia DeJesus, piano, age 14, Newton, MA
Evan Hsu, cello, age 14, Chestnut Hill, MA
Wilson Hsu, viola/violin, age 15, Chestnut Hill, MA
Olivia Kim, violin, age 17, Newton, MA
Betsy Kim, violin, age 16, Belmont, MA
Lilias Kim, voice, age 16, Groton, MA
Yui Kitamura, piano, age 21, Boston University
James Kitch, cello, age 15, Belmont, MA
Annie Kwok, piano, age 20, New England Conservatory
Austin Kwoun, violin, age 15, Belmont, MA
Anna Larsen, piano, age 15, West Roxbury, MA
Emilia Lew, flute, age 15, Winchester, MA
Abigail Lorimier, cello, age 16, Needham, MA
Didier Lucceus, viola, age 17, Malden, MA
Matthew Ludwig, cello, age 16, Wayland, MA
Hayley Miller, flute, age 19, Boston University
Julianne Mulvey, bassoon, age 16, Reading, MA
Mai Nguyen, flute, age 14, Cambridge, MA
Bosbapan “Bosba” Pahn, mezzo-soprano/composer, age 18, New England Conservatory
Avik Sarkar, piano/cello/composer, age 14, Chestnut Hill, MA
Max Serrano-Wu, piano, age 14, Belmont, MA
Sara K Simpson, flute, age 18, Boston, MA
Amir Siraj, piano, age 15, Brookline, MA
Isabella (Hallie) Smith, violin, age 19, Boston, MA
Juyoung Song, violin, age 16, Newton, MA
Walker Stroud, violin, age 17, Milton, MA
Kyle Takach, clarinet/bass clarinet, age 18, Arlington, MA
Martine Thomas, viola, age 18, Harvard University
Nick Tisherman, oboe, age 20, New England Conservatory
Hannah To, piano, age 14, North Easton, MA
Sofia Tong, viola, age 17, Brookline, MA
Jennifer Tu, piano, age 20, Harvard University
Jessie Wang, flute, age 18, Boston University
Tyler Yan, viola, age 16, Boston, MA
Eric Zaks, cello, age 14,  Needham, MA
Ilana Zaks, violin, age 15, Needham, MA

Bravo, CDAL Class of 2015–2016! We can’t wait to see what you do this year!

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