Photos From Our Upcoming Music Video

Happy Monday everyone!

I know the school year’s ramping up for many of us, but I still got this feeling – it’s sort of inside my bones, really – that this summer might have some good times left up its sleeve, and I’ll tell you why.

A couple of weeks ago, a few of us Toppers went to the beautiful Aspen Music Festival and School to take in the fresh air, listen to some incredible music, and shoot a music video!

We are excited to share with you these pictures from behind the scenes of that day and to announce that we will be dropping our new music video this week! If it looks like we’ve got sunshine in our pockets just from these pictures, imagine how much fun the full video will be to watch!

(Just imagine, just imagine, just imagine…)

aspen photo shoot insta

Aren’t those mountains breathtaking?

IMG_6242 IMG_8056 IMG_8050 IMG_6263 IMG_6251

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