Performers Reflect on Power of Music

Following our taping at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara on January 27, we gathered all the performers for our arts leadership workshop and asked them to reflect on the power of music. Here are some of the stories they shared both from their own personal experiences and from history:

Kara Sainz

“When Renee Fleming sang in New York after the twin towers had fallen….In her book she talks about how she couldn’t cry or get too emotional because when she went to sing, she had to show strength for everyone. She said people see singing as very personal and I’m sure that many people were grateful for her performance in bringing everyone together in those few minutes of song.” — Kara Sainz, 17, soprano

“Last weekend, I organized a benefit concert for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. Lots of different people came and I was able to raise $2,432 for the American Red Cross. I was very surprised and happy with the results of my show J.” —Rieko Tsuchida, 15, piano.  Read more about Rieko’s inspiring benefit concert here.

Jonathan Miron

“I visited Cambodia when I was very young and learned about a Swiss doctor who was providing free healthcare to the Cambodian children, victims of past wars. As little as $200 could save a child. Thus, I made it my goal to help as much as possible and played violin on the streets of Aspen raising $500 for the hospital.” — Jonathan Miron, 17, violin

Kenneth Renshaw

“When I was last on From the Top,  I visited a middle school in Lubbock, Texas and performed a short program of music that I initially thought might be demanding for  a middle school audience.  However, when I began to play I was immediately impressed with the effect the music had on them – they remained slient and focused throughout the entire performance (even during Lutoslawski.)  Afteerwards they asked many questions and seemed interested and inspired to continue their own lives in music.” — Kenneth Renshaw, 16, violin

“Rostropovich played Bach at the fall of the Berlin Wall, bringing music into politics and history.” — Will Chow, 16, cello

When have you experienced or witnessed the power of music to make a difference in people’s lives?