On the Road with Joanne Robinson: Show #241 Washington, DC

Check out these From the Top chocolates, courtesy of performer Arianna Körting's mom!

We recently returned from Washington, DC where we taped an episode of the radio show at the National Gallery of Art. It was awesome being there surrounded by such extraordinary artwork! As part of the show, each of the performers chose a painting that reflected the piece they were playing and the paintings were projected to the live audience. We’ll be posting those on the site when the show broadcasts so you can see too!

The performances on this show were nothing short of dazzling, starting with 17-year-old violinist Jehshua Karunakaran. He played Kreisler’s Danse Espagnole and then was awarded the “From the Top Anachronistic Kid of the Year Award” for being one of the only kids we’ve ever met who manages to survive without a cell phone, texting or Facebook!

Next up was 11-year-old cellist Noah Lee who played Popper’s Hungarian Rhapsody. He played with musicality and passion that far exceeded his years, and several members of the audience jumped to their feet when he finished. Noah went on to make the audience laugh by talking about his love of weird food combinations!

Third up was the  exceptional teenage piano trio of Haruno Sato, Hannah Moses, and Arianna Körting. They played Piazzolla and chose for their painting “Le Tournesol” by Edward Steichen, which features a colorful, abstract sunflower –the perfect visual to accompany this bold, exciting piece.

Next up was pianist Dong Won Lee, 17, who beautifully played Olivier Messiaen’s Prelude No. 8. He told a powerful story about having to leave his piano behind when his family was forced to move with only a carload of belongings, and how the experience made him realize just how much he loved and needed music.

18-year-old saxophonist Steven Banks closed the show with a bang! After the audience was treated to a clip of his jazz playing, he showed off his classical chops playing two movements from Maurice’s Tableaux de Provence.

Check out this flipcam preview from our dress rehearsal – and make sure to tune in when the show airs the week of December 12, 2011.