On the Road with Joanne Robinson: Bogota, Colombia

The Filarmónica Joven de Colombia

A few weeks ago we had the incredible experience of traveling to Colombia to make our international debut in Bogota. Our trip was profound in ways we could have never anticipated. Rather than giving you my usual play by play, I’m going to ask you to click here for a blog that tells the story wonderfully.

I do have for you a sneak peek video of the show. It’s a long one (as there was so much awesomeness to capture!) but make sure you watch until the end. The Filarmónica Joven de Colombia (Colombia’s national youth orchestra) have a tradition of closing concerts with the folk tune “Colombia Tierra Querida,” during which they joyfully dance as they play.  It’s like a big festive celebration, and we were all taken with it. Please excuse the shakiness of the camera – I was up there dancing with them!

This episode of From the Top is dedicated to the memory of Maestro Matthew Hazelwood, and will premiere the week of September 24, 2012.