On the Map: Music + History + Service = Arts Advocacy

This new addition to our Arts Leadership map focuses on creative arts advocacy through music history.

While teaching a course in American Popular Music, Concordia University professor and classical guitarist Kim Perlak was moved by how inspired her students were by those who made a positive impact in society through music, history, and service. She created the Music-History-Service series to connect students with history or current events, involve faculty and administration, and directly impact the present-day community.

Kim’s latest project is “Ben and I Play for Peace” (read about Ben here). Kim and her students are celebrating Ben’s efforts to help disabled kids in Iraq with a fundraiser concert on April 3, 2011 at Concordia. Her student groups are mobilizing to find community sponsors, raise donations, and fill the auditorium for this concert, which will benefit Ben’s chosen organization – Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids, run by Texan Brad Blauser…Read more about Kim’s Music-History-Service series.

Kim and Her Students