Trio Adonais, string trio

Meet Trio Adonais

Trio Adonais performs on Show HL-38, a highlights program featuring winners of the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition’s Junior Division. Trio Adonais won the silver medal in the 2015 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, and originally performed on  Show 306. Its members are 17-year-old violinist Sammy Andonian, 16-year-old cellist Mari Nagahara, and 18-year-old pianist John Gibson.

Fischoff bio:

Silver Medal Winner, Trio Adonais
Trio Adonais was founded in the fall of 2014 at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School as part of the chamber music program. The trio is coached by acclaimed Peabody Trio member, Natasha Brofsky. The trio members are Sammy Andonian, violin (age 17), Mari Nagahara, cello (age 16), and John Gibson, piano (age 18). They are all high school students in the Greater Boston area. The name of the trio originates from the Greek God Adonis who represents youth and vigor. The first movements of the works they have studied are marked “Allegro con brio” and they felt that Adonis best represented the character of the works they studied. One of the most touching lines of the poem Adonis alludes to is an “elegy on the Death of John Keats.” In this poem, Shelley relates love and grief throu the context of music: “And Love taught Grief to fall like music from his tongue.” Over the course of their time together, the trio has become an extremely cohesive and devoted group of individuals. Outside of rehearsals, Trio Adonais can often be found ordering coffee and doughnuts at their favorite place – Dunkin Donuts.

Listen to Trio Adonais

Highlight Show 38
Soliloquy, Shulamit Ran (b. 1949)

Show 306, South Bend, IN
"Soliloquy" by Shulamit Ran