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Shengyu Meng, cello

Hometown: Arcadia, California

Meet Shengyu

Shengyu appeared on Show 367 in Los Angeles, CA in February of 2019.

Shengyu Meng (cello), 16, is originally from Shanghai, China but currently lives in Arcadia, California where she is a student at the IQ Academy. She studies cello at Colburn Music Academy with Clive Greensmith. She is a recipient of From the Top’s Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award. Shengyu was a two-time winner in the Central Conservatory of Music (China)’s Aiqin Bei Cello Competition. Shengyu also loves cooking and swimming.

Listen to Shengyu

Show 367, Los Angeles, CA
"Capriccio" by Lukas Foss (1922-2009), with Peter Dugan, piano.

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