Sara Yamada, violin

Hometown: Villanova, Pennsylvania

Meet Sara

Sara appeared in From the Top’s cover of “Stressed Out” (March 2017), performed in collaboration with PROJECT Trio. She is currently in 7th grade at The Agnes Irwin School. She studies at the Manhattan School of Music with Ms. Lucie Robert

Favorite Musical Experience : Before a competition at a summer camp that I went to when I was in 2nd grade, I was running around my house with my violin, and I of course, tripped and fell. I was in big trouble, because it was right before a competition and it was too late to get it fixed. I had broken my violin before an event before. When I got up on stage, my violin was very out of tune, and I couldn’t turn the peg, so a judge helped me. When he saw my violin with a huge crack going almost all the way down my violin, he asked me what happened, and I told him I broke it. Then I got up on stage and played. It was actually pretty successful. I learned that I had to be more careful because I am a VERY clumsy person! 

Hobbies outside of music : I love going jumping on my favorite pony Ziggy. 

What about performing in a music video makes you excited?

I already know Stressed Out and I love it, so it makes me excited that I get to combine my love of pop music and classical music together and play this song on the violin.