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Minku Lee, cello

Meet Minku

Minku performed on Show 288 and Show 301 with the Konpeito Cello Quartet.

Show 301 bio:

Konpeito Cello Quartet is based at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and coached by Jonathan Koh. Its members are 17-year-old cellist Irene Jeong from Palo Alto, California; 16-year-old cellist Catherine Kim from Palo Alto, California; 17-year-old cellist Minku Lee from Palo Alto, California; and 15 year-old cellist Jeremy Tai from Cupertino, California.

Listen to Minku

Show 288, Seattle, WA
"The Path of the Wind" by Joe Hisaishi, arranged by Jeremy Tai

Show 301, San Francisco, CA
Angel Heart, a music storybook

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