Mariya Zabara, cello

Hometown: Faribault, Minnesota

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Mariya is a part of our “This Land/Our Land” project, celebrating musicians of different cultures. Learn more about the project here!

Meet Mariya

Mariya performed on Show 318 in Boston, MA, on February 6, 2016. Mariya, most recently, participated in the “This Land/Our Land” project, released in July of 2017.

Show 318 bio:

Mariya Zabara (18), cello, is originally from Minsk, Belarus. She is currently a senior at Shattuck-Saint Mary’s School (MN). At the age of six, after being inspired by her mother, also a cellist, Mariya got her own instrument and started practicing. Besides cello, Mariya loves theater and has been filmed as a lead in a movie at the age of nine. She has participated in numerous international festivals and competitions, like Heranova violoncellová soutěž in Czech Republic, the International Talent Competition in Ukraine, and more. Outside of music and drama, Mariya loves acting, traveling, and writing poetry.

Listen to Mariya

Show 318, Boston, MA
Hungarian Rhapsody by David Popper

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