Kimberly Han, piano

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Meet Kimberly

Kimie will perform with Trio Keluvaina February 1, 2018, on Show 348 in Chicago, Illinois.

Show 348 Bio:

Kimberly “Kimie” Han (piano), 16, is from Lake Forest, Illinois where she is a junior at Lake Forest High School. Kimie studies piano with Alexander Korsantia (New England Conservatory) and Brenda Huang (Music Institute of Chicago), and studies violin with Sonia Hadar (Music Institute of Chicago). She has studied and performed chamber music at Midwest Young Artists Conservatory (MYAC) for eight years. She is a Lang Lang Young Scholar, where she participates in “Keys of Inspiration” concerts, has performed as a soloist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and is a part of MYAC’s Young Music Scholars program to provide free music lessons to kids from underserved communities. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, drawing, and eating.