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Incendium Quartet, string quartet

Meet Incendium Quartet

The Incendium Quartet won the gold medal in the 2015 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, and Show 306 is a special episode of From the Top with Host Christopher O’Riley recorded during the competition. Its members are 16-year-old violinist Geneva Lewis, 17-year-old violinist Mei Zhan, 16-year-old violist Emma Wernig, and 17-year-old cellist Atticus Mellor-Goldman.

Fischoff bio:

Gold Medal Winner, Incendium Quartet
Comprised of a New Zealand-born, half-American and half-Kiwi, violinist, a Chinese violinist, a first generation American of Austrian-German heritage, and an all-American cellist.
Geneva Lewis, violin, age 16
Mei Zhan, violin, age 17
Emma Wernig, viola, age 16
Atticus Mellor-Goldman, cello,  age 17


Listen to Incendium Quartet

Show 306, South Bend, IN
The first movement, Allegro non troppo, from String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 51, No. 2, by Johannes Brahms

Show 306, South Bend, IN
The first movement, Allegro sostenuto, from String Quartet No. 2 in F major, Op. 92, by Sergei Prokofiev

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