Hao Li, violin

Hometown: Beijing, China

Meet Hao

Hao Li performed on Show 327 at the Aspen Music Festival and School on August 14, 2016.

Hao Li (violin), 16, is from Beijing, China. This summer, he is attending the Aspen Summer Music Festival. Hao Li is concertmaster of China Youth chamber orchestra and “Wa Ha Ha” four seasons chamber orchestra. Hao LI was born in 1999 and started to learn violin at age 4. He entered the pre-college of China Central Conservatory at age 10 and began study with Xiao Liu and Weijian Tang. In 2015, Hao performed with “Wa Ha Ha” four seasons chamber orchestra as a soloist in Beijing and Taiwan.

Listen to Hao

Show 327, Aspen, CO
Caprice Viennois, Op.2 by Fritz Kreisler