Eva Kennedy, viola

Hometown: Worthington, Ohio

Meet Eva

Eva Kennedy appeared most recently on Show 271. Before that, Eva appeared on Show 233, recorded in April 2011, as a member of the Quartet Toujours, alongside violinist Heeyeon Chung, 18; violinist Kaho Sugawara, 17; and cellist Ruthie Cordray, 18.

Show 271 bio:

The Mittelpunkt Duo is from the Chamber Music Connection in Worthington, Ohio where they are coached by Deborah Price. Its members are 17-year old mezzo-soprano Michaella Cipriani from Westerville, Ohio, who studies with Robin Rice, and 18-year-old violist Eva Kennedy from Worthington, Ohio, who studies with Deborah Price. Along with other Chamber Music Connection, they occasionally volunteer to play at the Columbus Homeless Families Foundation.

Listen to Eva

Show 271, New Albany, OH
"Geistliches Wiegenlied" (Sacred Lullaby) from Two Songs for Alto, Viola and Piano, Op.91, No.2 by Johannes Brahms

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