Emma Servadio, violin

Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey

Meet Emma

Emma performs on Show 416.

Emma Servadio (violin), 17, is of Tawainese-Israeli descent and resides in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is a recent graduate of Concord High School and currently studies violin with Peter Jarvis and Shmuel Ashkenasi. Emma also studied piano intensively from the ages of 5–14 until deciding to focus on the violin. Some of her most memorable musical experiences thus far include performing for Anne-Sophie Mutter in Boston Symphony Hall, having the honor of being featured on “Monday Afternoon Classics with Gandalf” WJFF 90.5 FM, performing her piano compositions in Carnegie Hall, and working with elementary school music students in New Hampshire. Outside of music, Emma enjoys cooking, traveling, and watching gymnastics.

Listen to Emma

Show 416
Three Romances for Violin and Piano by Clara Schumann