Bihn Park, cello

Hometown: Haverford, PA

Meet Bihn

Bihn Park appeared most recently on Show 298, recorded in  Show 246, recorded in February 2012, at age 15.

Program bio from Show 246:

Temple University Music Preparatory Honors String Quartet (Charles Parker, Coach and Coordinator for Chamber Ensembles) is comprised of 16-year-old violinist Amy Semes from Broomall, Pennsylvania, 14-year-old violinist Brenden Zak from Ocean, New Jersey, 15-year-old cellist Sangbin “Bihn” Park from Haverford, Pennsylvania, and 17-year-old violist Tiffany Laraia from Sewell, New Jersey. Amy appeared on From the Top Show 239 in Ocean City, New Jersey last year. Bihn was featured on From the Top Show 198 in Omaha, Nebraska when he was 12.


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