Guest Alumni Post: Music for Las Vegas

Pianist and alum Victoria Francis Young (Show 235) was born and raised in Las Vegas. She wrote a piece in memory of the victims of the recent mass shooting, and as a message of sympathy to their families.

My heart was shattered to pieces by the October 1, 2017 massacre that took place in the beloved city where I was born and raised. I am heartbroken and devastated like so many others. I felt so hopeless and helpless being so many miles away from home; I am no hero, I am no first respondent, I am no doctor, yet my desperation to send my love and comfort to those who suffer did not subside days after this senseless act happened.  

I read the stories of the 58 victims, I learned their names, I smiled back to their beautiful smiles, I want to let their family know that they are not forgotten. I turn to one thing that I did have—music. I believe music can have a soul when you put your heart into it, so I composed a piece of music in which I put my good wishes for all the victims and their families when writing it, reciting their names, remembering their beautiful smiles. 

Time will continue to pass, and other stories will take over the headlines and this will one day become an event from the distant past. However, I want the friends and families of the victims to know that the loss of their loved ones is more than just a sad story, and that no matter how far back in the past this incident shall come to be, they shall never be forgotten nor cease to stay close in our hearts. For me, putting together this video put names and faces to the 58, and it was a reminder that despite the tragedy of the moment when we lost them, there were so many other precious moments of their lives before that. Losing loved ones is something that may never completely heal, but I hope that preserving the memories of their beauty and their smiles will help ease the pain.

-Victoria Francis Young



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