The Most Inspiring Letters from our 2017-2018 Season

“I have never experienced something so impactful and so purposeful like the mission of From the Top. I am beyond inspired by their vision and their work – I will continue to share their mission and never forget the impact every performer can have on any audience!!!”

Violist Peter Dudek
Show 345, Reno, NV

“[The Arts Leadership Orientation] really impacted me and I would like to thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to connect with a broader audience and inspire others with my music.”

Violinist Chunyi Zhou
Show 354, Los Angeles, CA

“One of my biggest takeaways from this experience was how important it is to be a mentor and an inspiration to the younger community who are interested in playing or pursuing music. They inspired me the most, as they showed how, even though they might have never had classical music in their life before they came to this school, they all fell in love with it, and support each other in their growth as musicians.”

Bassist William McGregor
Show 349, Boston, MA

“Our team and students all loved getting to meet the young musicians, listen to them play, and create with them. It was a highlight of the year for all of us.”

Erin Bregman, Founder and Co-director of San Francisco’s Little Opera
Show 353, San Francisco, CA

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