March Madness! Sweet 16 Teams and their states’ From the Top Alums



It’s that time of year again when we can go mad from one of two things. 1) a very slowly approaching spring (cough cough, if you live in Boston), or 2) sports, specifically the NCAA tournament. For those of you “non sports” types, that’s basketball. College basketball, to be even more specific.

How does this all relate to From the Top, to classical music, or to anything else outside the sports world? We thought we’d take this opportunity to remember a few of our esteemed alums in connection with the states in which the “Sweet 16” universities are located.

Whether or not you follow the madness, take a listen to these wonderful young musicians, and keep rooting for them, no matter how their team does.

Here are the Sweet 16 teams, and their corresponding hometown musicians.

What are your favorite performances? Leave your comments below.

1. Wichita, KS – Joseph Teeter (Hometown: Topeka, Kansas)

2. Notre Dame – Katherine Kapelsohn (Hometown: Bloomfield, IN)

3. West Virginia – Neil Vasan (Hometown: Vienna, WV)

4. Lexington, KY – Tessa Lark (Hometown: Louisville, KY)

5. UCLA – Andrew Moses (Hometown: Culver City, CA)

6. Gonzaga – Audrey Chen (Hometown: Redmond, Washington)

7. Utah – Trenton Chang (Hometown: Logan, UT)

8. Duke – Hannah Wang (Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina)

9. North Carolina – Sara Aratake (Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC)

10. Wisconsin – Justin Udry of the Precipice Saxophone Quartet (Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin)

11. Xavier in Ohio – Nicholas Allgeier (Hometown: Raleigh, NC)

12. Arizona – Noah Dugan (Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ)

13. North Carolina St. – Clara Gerdes (Hometown: Davidson, North Carolina)

14. Louisville – Anne Richardson (Hometown: Louisville, KY)

15. Michigan State – Marissa Uchimura (Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI)

16. Oklahoma – Norman North High School Chorale (Hometown: Norman, OK)