Links we Like: Tweetcert, Fantasia revisited & more

Hi everyone! We have brought back a favorite for the summer – Links we Like. Once a week, we’ll post a series of links to stories, articles, etc. that we find interesting and believe you will enjoy as well. Stay tuned for next week’s post!

The Rite Revived: When Disney’s Fantasia chose to portray the primal themes found in Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring through a tale of dinosaurs, the work became an instant celebrity both in and outside of the classical music community. Almost every major orchestra has created a recording of this work, yet we finally have a youthful revival of the piece as seen through the eyes of Gustavo Dudamel with the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra. The SBYO redefines the concert experience through both its energy and enthusiasm, and this recording reflects this quality. Read more about the album here. If you would like to purchase the CD, it is currently available on for a price that is definitely it!

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Britain Spreads the Love for Orchestras!: The Association of British Orchestras has taken on the initiative to provide over 300,000 children with the opportunity to hear and experience and orchestral performance. They have produced a series of publications as well that reflect the importance of music education and orchestral exposure. Read more about their program and its objectives here.


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Twitter: The Houston Symphony has taken a huge step into the 21st Century by enabling audience members to view program information via smart phones DURING the concert!!! This concert demonstrates how orchestras are trying to connect with a generation of listeners who are becoming more and more dependent on technological devices and the internet. What the HSO is calling a “Tweetcert” could very well revolutionize the way we experience orchestral performances. Read more about the concert and the program here.

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Finding Morality through Music: The New Bilibid Prison in Manila, Philippines has found a new way to teach its inmates value and teamwork: hosting a Broadway performance! The concert was there first, and consisted of a series of song medleys accompanied by dancers AND a live orchestra. Read more about the concert and the performers here.

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