Links we Like: Summer, Oh The Possibilities…

This week in Links we Like, we take a glimpse at the abundance of summer’s classical music events occurring across the globe. From a listing of North American summer music festival concerts, to the establishment of a society for music education in Nepal, to a group of nuns from Avignon signing a record deal with one of London’s finest labels, this summer presents a plethora of opportunities for those invested in classical music.

The Summer Hot List: Looking to attend a classical performance this summer, but not sure where to start? Look no further, for the New York Times has compiled a list of summer festival concerts for 25 different states. The list includes program details, visiting artists, and contact/website information for each festival. Click here to find a performance near you.

The Koussevitzky Music Shed at Tanglewood (courtesy Stu Rosner via New York Times)

A New Hope for Teaching in Nepal: Robert Moore, a recent graduate of Baylor University and Fulbright scholarship recipient, has played a major role in establishing a music education network for Nepali teachers and musicians: the Nepal Music Educator’s Society. Robert spent 10 months in Kathmandu (the nation’s capital) establishing music curriculum standards, learning traditional Nepali music, and becoming ingratiated with the existing music community to promote further growth and development. He says on the importance of music education: “…music teaches culture. I also think important values, like leadership and dedication, are taught through music” (via NewsWise). Robert kept a travel blog during his visit, posting updates and photos from his experiences and travels. To learn more about Robert’s visit to Nepal and the society, click here.

Robert Moore and the Madal: Nepal's traditional folk drum

Gregorian Chant the New “Pop”: It seems the prayers of the Benedictine Nuns from the Abbaye de Notre Dame de l’Annonciation have been answered. They just signed a contract with the London-based Decca Records, the same label to sign such artists as U2, Lady Gaga, and Eminem. The group of singing nuns practice 6th century-style Gregorian chant, and lead reclusive lives behind the abbey’s closed doors. They beat over 70 other convents competing for the record deal in the United States, Africa, and Europe, and the album Voice: Chant From Avignon is to be released this November. Read more about the record deal and nuns here.

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