Links we Like: Mozart and Microbes to Stage Fright

Mozart, the “quicker-bio-degrader”? The concept of bacteria serving as decontaminating devices is a bizarre one, yet even more bizarre is the move by a German waste treatment plant to improve the speed and efficacy of these tiny microbes: playing Mozart. The harmonies allegedly produce greater efficiency in the breaking down of sewage and waste; all the more reason to practice that Mozart Sonata or Concerto while at home. Click here to learn more.

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Harpsichord – Bach to the Future: Were there such a thing as a rorschach inkblot that resembled a harpischord, almost any musician would immediately say “baroque”. Yet one blog on The Atlantic ventures to place this age-old instrument in a different light. From Ligeti to Eminem, this article demonstrates how the harpsichord presents an aesthetic rather than a single genre. Click here to read more; make sure to check out the video links!

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Closing the Lid on Stage Fright: we’ve all been there – standing before an audience when our minds suddenly go blank, and whatever comes next in the music is completely forgotten. It is the great enigma of stage fright. But recent studies in biofeedback hold a promising outlook for performers who suffer from this. Not only will your stage fright lessen considerably, but your overall happiness and health will also improve! To read more about the study and how biofeedback works, click here.

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