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My BELOW-LEFT Symphony was here.
Someone must have torn it off.
Now will no one ever hear it?

March 15th 2003

From ANABlog

Photo credit: Joe Philipson.

Photo credit: Joe Philipson.

Healing Power: The results are in, and Music Helps Patients Recover from Surgery, according to an article by Tom Jacobs. In the first article of a new journal, Music and Medicine, two studies on the topic were published. One was about the effect of music on postoperative confusion for older people, and the other was about how music affected the length of time that heart surgery patients spent in the ICU. It seems that in both cases, patients who listened to music improved more than patients who didn’t. Sweet! Music: it’s good for what ails you.
From ArtsJournal.

Photo credit: roadsidepictures on Flickr.

Photo credit: roadsidepictures on Flickr.

Maestro Jackson: Turns out there was more to MJ than you thought. I heard rumors that Michael Jackson wanted to record an album of classical music, but could find no details – until Clef Notes interviewed David Michael Frank, who was collaborating with Jackson on the project. It’s a fascinating article, mostly because Frank tells the story in first person, so you get more than just the story, you get the experience.
From Clef Notes.

Photo Credit: James Wainwright.

Photo credit: James Wainwright.

While we’re on the subject of classically-inclined celebrities, let’s talk about pop star Rufus Wainwright’s opera. “Prima Donna” had its world premiere this weekend at the Manchester International Festival, and not everybody hates it! The critics are finding things to criticize, of course, but I’m still stuck on the fact that Rufus Wainwright wrote an opera that was good enough to perform. Check out this roundup of reviews for “Prima Donna” by the LA Times.
From the LA Times.

Photo credit:

Photo credit: Lali Masriera.

If all these summer music celebrations are getting a little out of your control, Anne Midgette’s got your back. The Classical Beat’s “Estival Festival” series features the highlights of the festivals scene, from  Tanglewood to Strings in the Mountains. There have been two installments of the series and a news break, as far as I can tell. (By the way – were you wondering? – “estival” means “belonging to or appearing in summer,” I looked it up).
From The Classical Beat.

–Lily Kaiser