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Peter Dugan Named Host of From the Top

And Introducing a New Team of Co-Hosts and Creatives

I am excited to announce Peter Dugan as permanent host of From the Top and to welcome Vijay Gupta, Orli Shaham, Charles Yang, Tessa Lark, and Alex Laing to our new team of co-hosts and creatives.

I passionately believe that our young musicians are the future of classical music. They define what classical music training can look like in society as they grow into artists, activists, creative entrepreneurs and leaders of all kinds. Our new host and cadre of co-hosts and creatives were chosen to join our team not only to inspire listeners, but also to support the new and changing paradigm of what it means to be a musician in our world today.

–Gretchen Nielsen, Executive Director

Peter Dugan

"I’m truly honored and humbled to step into the role of permanent host and, with the help of our brilliant co-hosts and creatives, to continue From the Top’s tradition of empowering the next generation of great musicians by sharing their music and their stories with listeners across the country."

Vijay Gupta

“Joining this team is an immense thrill and honor, and a challenge to continue an artistry informed by the most important generation of our world yet to come. Our young people are our most important voice. They are our questions, and they are our only possibility of a future yet to be imagined. I can't wait to dream and listen, together."

Orli Shaham

“From the Top combines so much of what I love: inspiring students hungry to know more, bringing classical music to a broad audience, and seeing firsthand how enthusiasm for live performance is infectious.“

Charles Yang

“Much of my formative years as a musician was built upon the From the Top family. So much of my career today is collaborating with my musical brother, Peter Dugan. I am beyond excited that these two worlds have come together. Peter is truly one of the most talented and informed artists today who is also generous and nurturing with his gift. Can’t wait for the future!”

Tessa Lark

“As an alum, From the Top is family to me. I am incredibly honored to join Peter and team in supporting this community that has informed so many of my values as a musician, citizen and educator. My highest priority is championing our artistic visionaries of tomorrow, and I can’t wait to begin this work with everyone at From the Top.”

Alex Laing

“I’m so excited and honored to be joining this amazing creative team and the From the Top family. As an artist whose practice embraces the tensions of this art form – where it has come from, where it could go, its values and meanings – I’m especially excited for the opportunity to work with and learn from the young From the Top artists who hold its future.”