LaMont Barlow: Doctor and Musician

As a high school student in South Bend, Indiana, LaMont Barlow had to make a difficult decision. Would he follow his passion for classical music down a path that would lead to conservatory studies and a career in music? Or would he pursue his interest in science at a liberal arts college and ultimately become a doctor?

He had already accomplished great things musically. He played practically every woodwind instrument, was an award-winning pianist, and at 16 had been featured on From the Top’s radio program while attending Interlochen Arts Camp. But he also excelled academically.

Ultimately, LaMont chose to attend Harvard University, where he graduated with high honors in biochemistry. Though he focused on science, he kept up with music, serving as Associate Principal Bassoon of the New England Philharmonic, performing regularly with other ensembles in the Boston area, and winning a campus-wide concerto competition. Today, LaMont, 26, is completing his studies at Columbia University’s Medical School and continuing to play bassoon and piano as much as he can. Read more about LaMont’s story.

What difficult choices have you made? If you studied music and have chosen a different career path, how have you stay involved in music? What does music mean for you now?